Michael Mai - 集团主席

因为爱上了墨尔本这座城市,以及发现自己对设计美观为社区增添色彩的建筑的热忱之后,Michael Mai在2009年创建了ICD地产。自成立以来,ICD地产成为了以墨尔本为总部的专业房地产开发公司,在澳大利亚以及新西兰两国各大首府城市有多个地标性旗舰项目。专注住宅以及商业地产的开发,ICD致力打造链接中澳两国的商业桥梁。以全球视野及广阔的关系网络,ICD地产助力墨尔本房地产市场更进一步,让世界对澳大利亚房产开发更为认可。在Michael Mai的带领下,ICD与顶级顾问联手打造一系列设计前卫配套齐全的项目,致力融合各城市独有特色,打造历久弥新的地标性建筑。

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“description”: “After falling in love with Melbourne as a city and discovering a passion for beautifully designed buildings that contribute to their surrounding community, Michael Mai founded ICD Property in 2009. Since its inception, ICD has grown into a Melbourne-based specialist property development firm with projects across Australia and New Zealand. Focusing on residential and commercial sectors, Michael’s vision for ICD is to be market innovators who cultivate sustainable projects that provide superior investor returns and purchaser satisfaction. ICD also utilises offshore capital investments, acting as the gateway party between China and Australian business activity. With global presence and network, ICD Property is propelling the local Melbourne property market further and introducing an international recognition of development in Australia. Led by Michael Mai and in partnership with tier-one consultants, ICD combines cutting-edge designs with state-of-the-art finishes to create iconic buildings that embrace the unique identity of each city for now and for the future”,
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对ICD Property而言,未来充满了精彩。我们的理想不断扩大,我们的关系不断强化,我们的成就也得到了认可。我们将继续发展壮大,不断超越。现在,就是和我们携手合作的大好时机。


Level 18, 303 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


Level 19, 233 Castlereagh Street

Sydney NSW 2000