City Tattersalls Club 改造项目继续顺利推进!热烈欢呼新的设计顾问团队

Sal Quah,

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12th 十月 2021

ICD Property and First Sponsor Consortium have taken another exciting step forward in the redevelopment of Sydney’s iconic City Tattersalls Club, officially appointing Suede Interior Design and BVN Architecture as the project’s hotel and residential interior designers respectively.

Located at 194 – 204 Pitt Street, the City Tattersalls Club is one of Australia’s most prestigious and longstanding Clubs. With historical ties to Sydney’s roots, it is one of the city’s largest and longest running social clubs with over 18,000 members.

Following the redevelopment’s Stage 2 Development Application (DA) submission earlier this year in March, the development team ICD Property and First Sponsor Consortium worked closely to assess various interior design options, carefully seeking out the perfect fit for the project.

"经过认真考量和研究,我们最终选择了Suede和BVN的室内设计团队。作为顾问团队中重要成员,他们对美和细节的执着实在令人惊艳。他们都认识到这个项目有可能成为悉尼的标志性地标和全球知名的历史旅游胜地",ICD董事总经理Matt Khoo说。

Boasting a clean and contemporary design approach, Suede Interior Design is renowned for its ability in designing timeless and unique hotel spaces that beautifully intertwine form and function.

“We are immensely excited to bring to life the Club’s rich and vibrant history, a narrative brimmed with layers of entertaining stories and events, heavily influenced by an array of extremely colourful personalities of its past. We hope to integrate bold patterns and a very distinct colour direction derived from the Club’s significant and lavish heritage, to create a deep and energetic atmosphere,” said Clifford Rip, a Principal Architect of Suede.

BVN’s impressive track record for designing bespoke high-end interiors was most recently demonstrated at the Sirius apartments in Sydney. The luxury residences recently broke sales records with penthouse apartments selling for an impressive $118,000 per square metre. Making BVN’s interior design team an obvious choice to take on the City Tattersalls Club’s residential interiors.

“A building with such extraordinary history deserves an extraordinary future. Our team is thrilled to be designing both the exterior architecture and the interiors for the City Tattersalls Club’s residential tower. Redeveloping properties that come with their own legacy is always a great honour, and we look forward to contributing creatively, to its next chapter,” said Sally Campbell, Interior Designer and BVN Principal.

Currently the City Tattersalls Club project team is awaiting Stage 2 DA approval which proposes an elegant 49-storey tower tapering down towards into a robust sleek podium before seamlessly connecting with the Club’s existing ground floor heritage buildings.

The City Tattersalls Club redevelopment is a joint-venture project undertaken by industry leading First Sponsor Consortium and ICD Property – in collaboration with the City Tattersalls Club.


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