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22nd 十月 2018

(ENG) Silver Chef, one of ICD Property’s consultants for retail development HWKR, say the partnership was “a match made in heaven”.

(ENG) Since starting in 1986 Silver Chef have been committed to providing hospitality equipment funding solutions. Their partnership with HWKR involves regularly changing over the equipment of each kitchen in line with new tenant needs.

(ENG) Their unique ‘Rent-Try-Buy’ formula enables businesses to procure hospitality equipment without the need for a large upfront capital outlay.

(ENG) This model works perfectly at HWKR where tenants are ever changing and their menus require specific kitchen equipment. For instance, a tenant serving Thai food may require several woks to produce a lot of stirfry dishes. However, at the end of their 3 – 6 month tenancy at HWKR they may be replaced by an Asian-inspired burger tenant who doesn’t need woks but instead needs deep fryers for their fries.

(ENG) Silverchef are able to remove the woks and replace them with the appropriate kitchen equipment. All for an affordable price.

(ENG) Their extensive collection of kitchen equipment means no request can’t be fulfilled and the ability to rent this equipment on a week-by-week basis means no large capital start-up cost is worn.

(ENG) To celebrate their partnership with HWKR and give greater insight into how ICD Property’s retail development is the perfect fit to demonstrate the full scope of their business services, Silver Chef have interviewed Development Manager Simone Gervasi.

(ENG) To read the full interview please visit:

Silver Chef


对ICD Property而言,未来充满了精彩。我们的理想不断扩大,我们的关系不断强化,我们的成就也得到了认可。我们将继续发展壮大,不断超越。现在,就是和我们携手合作的大好时机。


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