TENure Anniversary with Matt Khoo

The ICD Team,

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15th August 2023

How do you feel knowing you have worked at ICD for 10 years now?

Prior to ICD, I think the longest I’ve worked in one place is 3.5 years. And at the end of my longest tenures, you knew you were going. You were tired. You felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied with what the job was providing you.

Conversely, after 10 years I still feel energised and immensely proud of what we have achieved and are still delivering. I feel that I have contributed to the ICD family and to shaping the cities we develop in.

I look forward to seeing all of our projects come to life and for me to proudly share this with my kids (who will probably not care).


In your own words, describe your journey at ICD

Ever challenging and ever rewarding.


ICD has gone from a start-up local Melbourne developer to delivering landmark projects across Australia in the time that I’ve been there. Along the way, we’ve learnt how to deal with complicated structures, be good partners, design beautiful buildings that stand the test of time, all whilst building long-lasting relationships and have fun.


I feel that if I was anywhere else, it would have taken 20+ years to achieve what we’ve achieved.


The journey has been made more whole and enriched as it coincides with Em and I having our three kids. The ICD family have been so accommodating of personal life, family and what that journey brings. It’s never felt like a huge compromise on either front.


What have been your highlights?

As Michael Mai would say, “Matt is the 0 to 600 man”. What he’s referring to is the fact that prior to ICD, I had no development management experience; and the first project I delivered was the award winning Eq. Tower, which has 633 apartments. Why did he hire me?! Too late for take backs!

Our Christmas yacht party. The videos (which don’t exist so don’t ask) say it all. It was an absolute blast and one that I’ll remember forever.


Michael’s wedding in France and HK. It’s always nice to see a good friend get married to the love of his life. Even better when it’s in a castle! Then follow it up with the wildest reception and party in HK.


Seeing Sydney’s CTC project under construction. After 8 long years, lots of heartache and challenges, lots of hard work, milestone events and great friendships established with CTC and the project team, seeing the site finally under construction is validity that it was all worth it. Given the sites rich history, we are now part of something really special.


Similarly, seeing Adelaide’s Market Square project under construction. Central Market is the epicenter of Adelaide, and being able to be involved in delivering it into the future with the Central Market Arcade redevelopment is an honour and something we are all really proud to see come to life.


The birth of Harper, Mila and now Harry. I know it’s not work, but they are integral to who I am and my journey. It’s been great to get them involved with my ICD family at events and in the office, and these are some of the best memories.


What do you think it is about ICD that has provided an environment that people want to stay for 10+ years?

Care factor. A care and passion for our mission, and a real care for the people that has been instilled from the top down.

I think the reason why I’m here and a lot of the other staff who have been here for 5+ years is because a work place where their boss and everyone else really is invested in each other is so rare.


If you could give your younger self some words of advice what would they be?

Have courage. You are capable of so much more than you think.

Like most people, I’m my own worst critic.


What has been your biggest challenge or learning curve?

Dealing with the impact of post-covid and the uncertainties that it has brought to our industry. We usually are afforded the ability to work within boundaries that we are comfortable with. Post-covid environment made that impossible. With challenge comes growth, and whilst it was hard, I have certainly learnt a lot from it.

What are your plans for the next 10 years?

I want to lean more into my strengths and challenge others at ICD to do the same. This means for me more business development, capital raising and investments.

What is 1 thing that has helped you get to where you are today?

The faith of Michael Mai. He believed in me before I even did.

What is one thing you would change if you could?

More investors and capital. Can never have enough money.

Describe ICD in one word.


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