ICD Property Becomes a Certified 'Great Place to Work'!

The ICD Team,

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1st June 2022

ICD Property is extremely proud to announce in June 2022 we have officially become a certified Great Place to Work! As the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work is a way of thoroughly assessing businesses to uncover actionable insights and award recognition to company’s with exemplary culture.

Backed by over 30 years of research and data, Great Place to Work is globally recognised as a gold-standard human resources accreditation, assessing a business’ culture alongside employee engagement and satisfaction.

Speaking to what it means for ICD to achieve this significant milestone, Managing Director Matt Khoo said, “It’s extremely rewarding to see ICD Property become a certified Great Place to Work. We have always operated with a people-first philosophy, implementing innovative policies that empower our employees to excel in all areas of their life with greater work life balance, trust in their roles, and autonomy – as well as structural support. Seeing all these efforts be formally acknowledged through this certificate gives us something tangible to look back on and celebrate the remarkable culture and business we’ve created at ICD. We work very hard to foster an environment of acceptance, safety, creativity, and fun at ICD – and hearing that an external review board has assessed our business and deems us a Great Place to Work is the greatest compliment. I hope certifications like this inspire other workplaces to consider what little steps they can take to make their own business a Great Place to Work and slowly champion better work conditions across the world for everyone.”

Recognising none of this could be possible without our incredible people and culture department, ICD Property extends the highest thanks and gratitude to our inspiring ICDians Hayley Randall (People Development Manager) and Laura Burgess (Assistant People Development Manager). Together, Hayley and Laura champion the ICD spirit within all levels of the business, ensuring staff always feel safe, supported, seen, and heard on a professional and personal level. It is due to their hard work that ICD is able to thrive in our mission of delivering projects that stand the test of time, placing an emphasis on liveability both now and into the future, with sustainability, wellbeing, and lifestyle key elements of all projects.

To learn more about Great Place to Work, visit Great Place to Work.

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