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10th August 2020

You might say employees have been pushed to their limits more this year than ever before. However, this in turn makes it more important than ever to also show support for your staff and recognise their achievements. A global pandemic is no time to stop recognition for your people who are likely feeling low already from the state of the world.

Praise goes a long way and making staff feel accomplished and proud of their work is a small pick-me-up that employers can provide to improve their day to day experience of living through this challenging time.

ICD Property is ensuring that their cohort feel valued and recognised for their contributions and is determined to retain the company’s award-winning culture that continues to exceed all expectations.

Despite COVID-19 preventing ICDians from holding their usual annual awards function, the team persisted with a virtual party this year. While the celebrations were not our usual glitz and glamour of champagne and canapes, we certainly didn’t miss out on the laughter, praise, comradery, and celebration from everyone.

The team got together over a Zoom call with a dress code of formal on the top half and casual on the bottom – the WFH version of business casual.

During the evening ICDians celebrated the winners and their achievements over the previous year and connected in the best way they know how – competitive spirit (A quiz of the year, Pictionary, and Scattegories made all the more competitive on a group Zoom call).

A company’s values are intrinsic to its success and ICD employees live and breathe those values throughout the year; pushing themselves to achieve remarkable goals.

In 2020 the award winners were as follows:

Innovation Award 2020 – Hayley Randall, People Development Manager

Hayley has demonstrated her innovative skill set in her proactiveness and willingness to initiate huge changes at ICD including implementing game-changing new policies and championing company culture particularly during the COVID pandemic.

Passion Award 2020 – Vivienne Ngau, PR and Marketing Coordinator

Vivienne’s passion for her role is evident to all her colleagues and shines through inspiring those around her – this passion is leading to world class PR and Marketing for ICD Property – watch this space!

Collaboration Award 2020 – Lily Tang, Executive Assistant/ Office Manager

After joining the team in 2019, Lily has impressed the entire company with her collaborative skillset. Lily has established herself as a supportive figure for everyone in the company, handling challenges with professionalism and compassion.

Consideration Award 2020 – Laura Burgess, HR Coordinator

Consideration is part of Laura’s DNA. An advocate for diversity and inclusion she approaches everything she does with care and consideration to those around her. Laura has the ability to help people to see the best in challenging situations and has the intuition to step in when she can sense people need support.

ICD Property is proud to congratulate the 2020 award winners for their outstanding contributions amongst an entire team of employees striving to be the most innovative, passionate, collaborative and considerate versions of themselves.

To read more about why The People Project and ICD Property believe recognising staff and making them feel valued is important, read People Development Manager Hayley Randall’s opinion editorial here.

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