Matt Khoo Takes (Big) Issue Into His Own Hands

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24th January 2020

In order to celebrate International Vendor Week here at ICD, Our Managing Director Matt Khoo is getting involved with a meaningful project, aimed at raising awareness of those experiencing homelessness.

In an effort to shine a light on pivotal social issues of homelessness and disadvantage, between the 3-9 of February 2020, Matthew Khoo will join other CEOs and Directors around the world in selling the Big Issue.

Khoo will be joining our regular vendor at street-level to celebrate the 9,000 street paper vendors in 35 countries around the world. The venture is an attempt to bolster support of such vendors within the community, by propagating a message that such vendors are approachable, legitimate business people who promote an enriching product and deserve support as much as any other self-employed startup.

The Big Issue magazine is widely sold across Australia and internationally, largely by those experiencing marginalisation of some sort, often related to homelessness. In Australia, vendors purchase copies of the magazine for $4.50 (AUD) and sell them on for $9, receiving all of the profits themselves.

This system is in place to allow the homeless community a sense of agency in their work, providing them with the ability to work and earn money, which is often made difficult for them given their lack of address when it comes to applying for jobs.

Since the conception of the idea in 1996, street vendors have sold over 13 million magazines. The selling of such copies by CEOs is an initiative which takes place during International Vendor Week every year, in an attempt to raise awareness of the incredible work and myriad opportunities that The Big Issue provides for often ostracised and sidelined communities.

Business and government leaders across Australia continue to volunteer each year to sell The Big Issue alongside vendors, and in 2020 we are extremely excited to add our names to that list here at ICD!

Matt will be selling The Big Issue on Monday, February 3 from 1pm to 1:30pm on the corner of Collins Street and Elizabeth Street – make sure you pop by to grab a copy! To find out more, visit

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