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3rd December 2019

ICD have begun the first stages of implementing a social impact strategy to ensure they can do good, better.

And it’s a cause that hits close to home for the ICD team.


Everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable place to call home. But in Australia, more than 100,000 people experience homelessness on any given night.

And rough sleepers are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of people barely making do –  living out of cars, hopping between sofas or living in severely crowded dwellings.

Every ICD project represents a legacy, and this new strategy makes sure that ICDians can too by partnering with them to think creatively about how they can ease the burden of housing stress.

Genuinity is the heartbeat of this initiative, and from the start it has been a project championed by ICDians themselves.

The initiative began earlier this year when two ICDians were being interviewed by the Directors for the next stage in their careers and secure that much desired promotion.

During this presentation, it was apparent to the Directors that these two ICDians shared a common interest to give back to the community through their work with ICD and were passionate about creating change for the better.

Not only did Laura and Jacob secure their promotions with flying colours, but they have joined forces to implement a social impact strategy for ICD to make an impact for a cause that is close to the hearts of all ICDians and connects deeply to ICD’s wider mission.

“The people of ICD have been on board from the start and are helping to drive this,” HR Coordinator Laura Burgess said.

“They’ve been the ones directing what we should do and where we should go, and it’s been really evident that homelessness is something we all care deeply about.”

And the team have hit the streets to learn what they can about the issue, and find out more about how they can help.

ICD volunteers lent a hand at the Vinnies soup van in Fitzroy, giving blankets and toiletries to people experiencing homelessness.

They were also able to speak to the Vinnies team about the support services on offer and what their needs are.

The statistics are alarming…but what can we do?

“It’s about asking how we can make a real difference with significant impact,” Laura said.

And though ICD has made charitable donations before, this investment – of time, resources and passion – is hitting at the heart of what it means to be a part of the ICD team.

“We have knowledge and a great passion for property and ICDians have shown they have a vested interest in housing stress and homelessness,” Laura said.

“It is clear ICDians care about making a lasting social impact in housing. We are really excited to make a difference.”

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