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28th August 2019

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

But ICD is proving that when it comes to learning, the opportunities are lifelong.

With the help of The People Project (TPP), the ICD workplace has been built to make sure opportunities are always on the horizon for staff members to develop skills and knowledge.

We sat down ICDians Jacob and Annie to talk about the opportunities TPP has provided to help them develop professionally and personally.


Jacob – Development Manager

What training and development opportunities have ICD been able to offer you?

Where to begin…there’s been heaps! Most recently I have been involved in a Property Council of Australia (PCA) Mentor program which has been fantastic to date.

My mentor, Hannah Blossom from Irwin Consult/WSP, has provided me with some great advice and I have managed to make great connections during the number of networking events held throughout the program.

I’ve completed a Property Development Diploma with PCA, NLP practitioner training, attended a study and cultural trip to China and taken tech classes.

In what ways have ICD training programs helped you develop your career?

From a casual research assistant to a development manager, all the training that ICD has provided me has given me the necessary skills and abilities to keep growing professionally and personally.

Why is training important to you?

It provides you with the necessary tools to take the next step up in your role. Training improves overall performance, helps boost staff morale and satisfaction, and helps you identify and work on growth areas.

Annie – Assistant Development Manager

What has been one of the best programs that ICD has offered you?

I recently attended a Women in Property event that was by PCA which was all about improving leadership and communication.

It was such a great opportunity to meet women from other leadership roles and different professional backgrounds. We shared our challenges, concerns and weaknesses openly and gained tools and skills I use in my daily work.

I’m still in touch with some of the women I met, and those relationships have become a fantastic network of support.

How have these programs helped develop your career?

I have been able to upskill and hone my financial skills, which has helped me understand the financial model to monitor development budgets. It’s been instrumental in helping me do my job the best that I can.

Why is training important to you?

One of my values is growth. These training and development programs have provided a great opportunity to grow not only my professional skills, but my personal skills as well.


These success stories aren’t created by chance. TPP creates tailored experiences for each of their employees, focusing on the needs and motivations of the individual rather squeezing them into a one size fits all approach.

One of the first steps in that process is career mapping (read all about that here ). But that’s just one element of a larger approach that is geared toward finding and building upon the things that mean the most to each staff member.

Much like in life, there is no one path for each employee. With TPP, ICDians get to dream and design their future role – and then build the skills they’ll need to be great at it.

TPP. Engage. Produce. Grow.

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