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The ICD Team,

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15th August 2019

Every company wants to be the best employer in their field.

But ICD have gone and done it.

Innovation is what keeps the cogs of ICD turning, from the passion in their projects to the wellbeing of their staff.

That’s why it was pretty delightful to be recognised as Winner of The Australian Business Awards for Employer of Choice in 2019 – an award that recognises innovative organisations that have developed workplaces and maximised the potential of their employees.

Although their workforce is small, ICD’s culture is mighty, receiving the award alongside household names such as Ebay Australia, McDonalds, Bank Australia and Aldi.

This achievement would not have been possible if it weren’t for the hard work of the masterminds behind The People Project. Namely, Hayley Randall and Laura Burgess along with MAI Group’s Chief Culture Officer, Samantha Pearce.

The People Project (TPP) is ICD’s answer to HR, with a name that encapsulates what it’s all about – the people.

TPP’s underlying values reflect the core of the ICD business. They are passionate about making ICD a fulfilling place to work, providing an innovative service to ICDians that fosters creativity, focus and ambition, all the while building healthy relationships with staff.

To achieve this award, ICD demonstrated their achievements across eight key areas; culture, leadership and strategy; education, training and development; performance, recognition and remuneration and health, safety and satisfaction.

Career mapping, buddy programs, training and development opportunities, cultural tours, staff engagement activities, staff loyalty and recognition are just some of the initiatives TPP has spearheaded that has earned them the title of one of Australia’s top employers.

One initiative that TPP are extremely proud of is ICD’s creation, the Innovation Hub. This new department encourages ICDians to think outside the box, offering a space to push boundaries and generate ideas that are fed back into the company’s various projects.

“Innovation is at the core of ICD throughout the employee lifecycle and in every aspect of the company,” TPP People Development Manager Hayley Randall said.

“It is central to TPP pushing boundaries to create fulfilling initiatives for ICDians, helping them engage, produce and grow.”

“Although ICD Property is a small company in terms of size, we’ve always been large in our way of thinking. The executive management team’s emphasis on operating in a way that puts people first empowers us as The People Project to deliver the ultimate employee experience.”

“Receiving this prestigious award that recognises all the hard work we do is extremely humbling.”

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