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31st July 2019

The end of financial year is typically a call for celebration, usually in the form of a chocolate cake from Woolies or a few drinks at the end of the workweek.

But The People Project (TPP) knew they could do better for ICD staff. In fact, they could do something amazing.

An amazing race.

On an ordinary Melbourne weekday, the ICD office emptied onto the street to form three teams made up of people from outside their traditional work departments, giving employees a new opportunity to get to know each other.

Competitive spirit was strong and the teams designed quirky outfits in their theme colours. Clown, bumblebee and commando costumes turned more than a few heads along the way.

Stepping away from the daily grind and putting foot to pavement, they set off following a series of clues that encouraged them to not only know the city, but to know their teammates too.

And this was not to be taken lightly, with one clue leading to a member of each team’s favourite coffee shop;

Some like it hot some like cold, some like it mild some like it bold. For your next clue walk to the impartial place.

TPP even collaborated with local business owners and pre-purchased items for clues so teams could dash on to the next stop without a pause.

“We wanted to make something really unique that would challenge our employees and their competitive nature,” TPP HR Coordinator Laura Burgess said.

“Some of the staff even thought it was made by paid professionals, so we were happy with that!

“Our staff could see the amount of effort we had put into the day. Letting our staff know that we appreciate them and their time is really important.”

With months of preparation going into designing the experience, TPP transcended traditional HR functions and in doing so represented the ICD values of collaboration, consideration, innovation and passion.

TPP. Engage. Produce. Grow.

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