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24th May 2019

Here’s the problem with some of the motivations and goals of your workplace – they aren’t necessarily your own.

Of course, during your nine to five you’re doing your best work to support the greater vision of your employer. But outside of that, there are plenty of other things in life that command your attention and focus.

This is where The People Project (TPP) and their career-mapping initiative comes in. It’s ICD Property’s answer to the need for individual employees to identify their career ambitions and personal bucket list, figure out what motivates them and prioritise life accordingly.

TPP leads ICD Property employees (ICDians) in a heartfelt, in-depth discussion which asks important questions about the future.

Are they happy in the field of work they do? Are they aiming for that next big promotion? Do they want a career change? Are they planning for other major life milestones – marriage, kids or maybe travelling?

From there, a timeline is mapped for ICDians that includes structured objectives. These objectives are supported through training, coaching, promotion incentives and recognition of achievements.

And because life continues to tick along outside of work, the timeline includes personal events as well. It’s part of ICD’s commitment to keep a healthy work life balance in check.

The timeline is packaged and presented to each employee, making them accountable for turning their goals into a reality. However, TPP is with each ICDian every step of the way, offering guidance and support when needed.

It’s all about discovering what works best for each employee, identifying dreams and planning a way forward.

Ben has been an employee of ICD for over 6 years and is currently a Development Manager. TPP has supported him from his first role as a casual researcher through to his current managerial role.

Ben said “it was great that I was able to incorporate personal milestones into my career plan, I felt that this helped me set realistic timescales for my goals. Having a clear pathway to my next step is really motivating for me and has driven my progress throughout my career at ICD.”

Zack, who has been an employee of ICD for two years, has changed roles from Accounting to Property Development. TPP has helped him through this transitional process, identifying the skills he needs for the future.

“TPP helped identify the skills I required to become a competent Assistant Development Manager. They then allowed me to find a course I thought would help me acquire those skills and supported me through it, both financially and by relaxing work loads during crucial times of my course work. I am so grateful to work at a company that provides so much interest and support in their staff’s career progression,” he said.  

Straight from the beneficiaries themselves, it’s clear that career mapping is an integral part of the way TPP provides support for ICDians.

The program goes to the heart of what is ICD’s most valuable asset – its people. Because ultimately, the employees are the ones that fulfill the company’s mission and vision.

TPP with their career mapping initiative makes sure that ICDians feel empowered and excited to push themselves to the next level, both in their professional and personal lives.

TPP. Engage. Produce. Grow.

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