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3rd May 2019

Building successful businesses that shift with the sands of market changes will stand the test of time, according to ICD Property’s Michael Mai.

The past decade has ushered in a new way of doing business, and a new blueprint for what a successful business looks like. More than ever before, employees have adopted a revolutionary mindset on the back of a greater understanding of their own worth and critical role in big business. ICD Property Chairman, Michael Mai, recently outlined his dynamic and flexible business models that put people, not profits, first.

Michael Mai acknowledges that many Australian businesses have adopted a fluid, almost start-up, way of thinking when it comes to how they manage their people, understanding that employees who feel engaged, valued and appreciated in the workplace will drive greater “traditional” business outcomes.

As one of Australia’s premier property investors, Mai also acknowledges that businesses that want to succeed in the current corporate climate must future-proof themselves, allowing change to empower their business towards new and exciting endeavours, rather than maintain outdated models that do not recognise all the moving parts that contribute to a business’ success.

While in previous years, many of the world’s largest companies have teased workers with the idea of benefits and “people-first culture”, the modern business lives by the moniker that “your people’s needs are your business needs”. Employee satisfaction is now a priority, with business KPIs attributed to ensuring companies and corporations provide a workplace that people not only want to come to but feel as though they are making a difference in.

Read further on Michael Mai’s top tips for business success at The Guardian.

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