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15th March 2019

In February 2019, ICD Property commemorated its ten-year anniversary with a celebration at Melbourne Town Hall attended by staff, investors, partners, and consultants.

Reflecting on the last decade since creating the company in 2009, Chairman Michael Mai said “ICD wasn’t always like it is today. In the early days we experienced a lot of learning curves and made mistakes like any start-up does. But we quickly realised when we placed our focus on people and relationships we started to succeed. Valuing people is the foundation of ICD’s success. Whether it’s aligning our staff’s passions with their work or collaborating with partners to leverage their expertise and ensure they feel valued, we put a lot of effort into the relationships we have”.

ICD Property’s emphasis on people and relationships has enabled the company to partner with top-tier consultants around the world and deliver over 1,000 homes in Australia to date through residential projects You & I, Maple, Eq Tower, and Gen Fyansford.

Evidencing the company’s commitment to delivering premium products, ICD Property has also received numerous awards for design excellence, innovation, staff achievements, and workplace culture over the last ten years.

Currently the company possesses a development portfolio totalling over $2 billion with projects across Australia and New Zealand in the residential, retail, and mixed-use sectors.

“I’m extremely proud of everything the team has achieved to date. Outside of the beautiful buildings we’ve contributed to Australia’s city landscapes, I’m proud of the family we’ve built at ICD. People come to work proud of what they do. You can tell they’re passionate about the projects we undertake and work collaboratively together as a real team. That’s what makes me most proud.”, said Chairman Michael Mai.

ICD Property would like to thank all staff, investors, partners, and consultants that have supported the team in the last ten years.

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