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14th February 2019

ICD Property is proud to announce a series of internal changes that realign staff skills and passions with the company’s interests. Including:

Bobby Kennedy

With a passion for investment and finance, Bobby’s new role as Investment Manager will primarily involve him overseeing the company’s fundraising for projects. He will also be responsible for all investment management and seek pipeline acquisitions, managing new ventures for the company. Bobby’s previous experience as a Development Manager leading several of ICD Property’s projects will add valuable knowledge to his new role in understanding the financial requirements for each project and how to maximise investor returns.

Simon Pleunik

Simon’s extensive background in accounting will greatly assist in his new role as Investment Associate. His primary role will be to support Bobby in investor management and be predominantly involved in the financial structuring of real estate development projects, investment due diligence, and capital asset allocation.

Steve Yang

After several years with ICD Property leading the finance and investment team, Steve will be moving to another MAI Group subsidiary, MAI Capital, an investment and funds management company. Steve’s new position as Deputy Managing Director will require him to be responsible for overall company operations, new business opportunities, and running of the ICD Property Credit Fund (managed by MAI Capital).

Jason Yong

Jason developed a passion for the property sector in Canada and after obtaining his MBA from Melbourne Business School, he was drawn to ICD Property’s remarkable workplace culture and its unwavering commitment to shaping Australia’s cityscapes for the better. His experience as an Investment Associate at ICD Property will allow him to lead MAI Capital to similar success in his new role as Investment Manager.

Samantha Pearce

Since joining ICD Property in 2013, Samantha has been an integral part of growing the company’s culture, staff development, and internal processes. Her passion for people and helping align their passions with their job has helped grow ICD Property from the beginning. Moving on she will be Chief Culture Officer for the MAI Family Office.

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