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3rd April 2018

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on? I would love to go on a motorcycle tour of the Himalayas or Vietnam. I’ve always loved riding bikes and feel like this would be a very rewarding way to travel – lots of hard work to uncover the most beautiful scenery and an opportunity to explore off the beaten path.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? Eq. Tower – it’s an ICD Property project that I’ve been involved with over a significant period of time and has mirrored my growth in ICD Property over the past five years. Having been involved in the acquisition as a research assistant, the majoring of the planning and sales phase was undertaken as an ADM, and then part of the construction phase as an acting DM. It is a project I know intimately and am really proud of the result for those people who now call Eq. Tower home.  

Do you have any travel experiences on your bucket list? Next of my bucket list would be an island destination, to relax and shut off from the world for a week or two. I’m also heading to Manchester, in the United Kingdom for Christmas this year in order to visit my girlfriend’s family – so I’m hoping for a white Christmas!

What virtues do you most admire in people? Honesty and Determination

How would you describe your role to someone who is not from your industry? It’s fairly straightforward in principle, my role as acquisitions manager is to identify and secure projects (parcels of land) which have potential for development that would lead to positive outcomes for the community, environment and our investors.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Travel! I believe that travel can be an amazing eye opener! It gives you new perspective on everything happening in your life, as well as pushing you outside your comfort zone. Travelling allows you to be inspired by people and places you see along the way.

Is there anything that you’ve learnt about yourself, thanks to your job over the past year? I’ve recently rediscovered the power of teamwork. As a company, we’ve realigned to ensure we’re all pulling in the same direction and are focussed on getting the right outcomes. This has energised and invigorated the team. It’s easy to get caught trying to figure things out for yourself but thankfully at ICD Property we’ve got an amazingly diverse team of talented individuals who are able to pitch-in and achieve fantastic synergy.

What’s the best thing that happened to you last week? My younger sister, Kate graduated from Veterinary Science, and has taken on her first full time job this year. It’s been amazing to see her dedicated to study over the past few years, and hearing all about the real surgeries and interesting situations she’s been involved with. She’s recently helped deliver a litter of 19 Doberman puppies – which made the news!

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